The ancient destination, Ubirr

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The ancient destination, Ubirr


The ancient ruins of Ubirr have become a favourite destination in the Top End and for good reason.

These ruins feature amazing rock art and gently rising pathways that lead to a fantastic vantage point from which to enjoy the sunrise or sunset in the outback over Kakadu.

Just four hours drive from Darwin on the highway towards Arnhemland this site is a special place with spiritual significance for the Aboriginal people, with a very strong spiritual atmosphere.

The site also features in cult Australian film Crocodile Dundee.

It’s easy to get to and the climb to the top requires only average middle-aged fitness. The lower areas are also beautiful and are wheelchair and stick accessible too.

Aboriginal rock art -Ubirr Art Site, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia-9June2012 (1).jpg

Book a Rock Art tour and enjoy the site and stories told by a professional park guide. Some tour companies also make sure your tourist dollars will go back into the park and its indigenous community.

It’s also recommended to take a cruise tour that includes Ubirr as part of the journey. Wind your way through the flowing rivers of Kakadu and experience the storytelling of the people and the beauty of the natural world.

Experience a true Kakadu sunset from one of the best vantage points, there's nothing quite like it.


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