Land a Million Dollar fish on a Barramundi Fishing Tour

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Land a Million Dollar fish on a Barramundi Fishing Tour

Barramundi Tour Nothern Territory

The Northern Territory is renowned for its barramundi fishing adventures. The Top End features some of the best barramundi habitats in the world - tidal rivers with  vast floodplains and a strong annual wet season. These winding rivers provide enough fodder fish for the voracious barramundi to thrive. And that’s where the adventure part comes in.

There’s nothing quite like reeling in one of these powerful fish. You can take your own boat north, you could fly or drive with a professional fishing guide or take a guided tour on a chartered boat. That second option is where the experience really shines. The professional fishermen of the Northern Territory know all the best spots and are often cheaper when you take into account time spent exploring and equipment hire.

Fish the pristine waters of the Vernon and Peron Islands, Shoal Bay, Bynoe and Darwin Harbours for sensational bluewater fishing. Kakadu is world renowned and at the right time of year is a barramundi haven. As well as Barramundi, the waters teem with fighting fish like the Golden Trevally, Jewfish and Spanish Mackeral.

Try all types of fishing to see what you can snag, all experiences are all available in the Top End. From rivers, deep channels, poppers, bait fishing trolling and luring fishing you’ll be amazed at the variety of fish and stunning natural beauty of the surroundings.

Million Dollar Fish Logo

As if all that wasn’t incentive enough, there’s a promotion running at the moment called Million Dollar Fish. 75 tagged Barras were released into the waters of the Northern Territory and, if you’re registered and you catch one, it’s worth 10,000 dollars. What’s more, there's just one tagged barra released that’s worth a whopping $1,000,000 to the lucky fisherman who catches it. This contest kicks off in October, find out more information about this promotion on their website.