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Dial Before You Dig Featured

There are hundreds of thousands of kilometres of hidden underground pipes and cables which carry our essential services to households and businesses around the country each and every day of the year.

Dial Before You Dig is Australia’s national referral service for information on these underground pipes and cables.

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Dial Before You Dig is a unique partnership between Australia’s communications, electricity, gas and water providers, plus many other owners of underground infrastructure. Dial Before You Dig essentially plays a middle man role in safe excavation. Excavators provide them with the details of their project and Dial Before You Dig then send those details to the affected infrastructure owners. These asset owners then send information on the location of pipes and cables directly to the excavators - generally in the form of plans.

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Dial Before You Dig is the essential first step of any large or small excavation project. 

Lodging a standard enquiry is FREE and using the simple online service enables you to access the service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Enquiries can also be lodged by contacting the national call centre during business hours or via the Dial Before You Dig iPhone app.

Damaging underground infrastructure can result in large financial penalties, injury and in the worst case scenario, even death so it is vital that you use the service for every project.

Whatever your project, if it involves digging, you need to use Dial Before You Dig.

Lodge your enquiry online by visiting www.1100.com.au or call the national call centre on 1100 during business hours.