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Battery World Featured

Power for Anything, Anytime!” that the Battery World promise, backed by years of experience meeting the Territory’s ever-growing need for replacement batteries.

Need portable power? You’ll need Battery World  with over 8,000 products,  you’re sure to get the right product to suit your needs, first time… every time.

At Battery World we have batteries for Cars, 4WDs, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, Tractors, Jet Skis, Mobility Scooters, MP3 Players, Game Consoles, Digital & Video Cameras, Power Tools, Hearing Aids, Smoke Alarms, Cordless and Mobile Phones, just about every application you can imagine and at Battery World we also supply Solar Panels and Accessories, Battery Chargers and Inverters too.

Every year, thousands of new products are introduced to the market that relies on batteries or portable power, at some stage these batteries will wear out, and when they do, your life can literally stop! Since 1997 Battery World has become the largest and most comprehensive Australian retail franchise stocking advanced technology products and smaller more portable battery solutions.

A battery is part of everyday life and as technology continues to advance so will the our reliance on portable power devices. Since Battery World started, it has gone through many changes as demand grew and expanded. Battery World now has 80 stores Australia wide, offering over 8,000 batteries and accessories, making it the most convenient place for you to obtain all your batteries and related products.